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Rocking It Out on STEM DAY in PE

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For STEM DAY, we made electromagnets!

Be sure to ask your child about the electromagnet that their team made for our school's STEM Day challenge.

Team 2 Team 7 Team 1 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5

Week of February 5, 2018

This week, the students learned about finding the volume of composite figures in Math. We also began our measurement unit starting with length, with a focus on half and quarter inches. The students are in the process of typing up their final drafts of the persuasive essays on zoos for Language Arts. We did a reading comprehension skills handout on comparing and contrasting. Our grammar skill’s focus was similes. Science is about cells and microorganisms. Be sure to check out the picture of our sandwiches in bottles. We will update with a picture of the mold and bacteria growing in the permanently sealed bottles. We finished our World War I unit in Social Studies.
Next week is Kindness Week and Hoops for Hearts. February’s winter break is from February 19 – 23. Students should return to school on Monday, February 26.
Happy Friday!

Math: Measuring 1/2 and 1/4 Inches Video

Thank you, Tatiana for sharing this great math video.

Valentine's Day List of Names

Valentine’s Day List of Names

Letter from Room Mothers

Parents, please check your child's Thursday folder for this letter from our room mothers, Mrs. Heitzmann and Mrs. Jackson. 

Valentine’s Day Activities

A list of students’ names will be sent home in Thursday’s folders for the distribution of Valentine's Day cards. On Wednesday, February 14, the students will exchange Valentine's Day cards. This is an optional activity.
Next Monday, February 12, our class will decorate Valentine's Day bags. Students will need their own special art supplies to decorate their bags, such as stickers, gel pens, glitter, and etc. This is also an optional activity.

Our classroom needs supplies

Our classroom needs supplies: Stapler Straight-edged Scissors Clear Tape Masking Tape Manila Folders Eraser Heads Small Pencil Sharpeners Band-aids Gallon Baggies Sandwich Baggies

A Sandwich in a Bottle

In our science unit "Cells and Microorganisms", we are creating sandwiches in bottles to grow molds and bacteria. Within teams, the students stuffed an empty 12 oz. plastic water bottle with bread, mayo, lettuce, cheese, and pepperoni. The bottles were permanently sealed. Next, students recorded what was in their bottles by drawing, labeling, and coloring pictures from observations.

For the next two or three weeks, we will continue observing and documenting the sandwiches in the bottles. Our scientific goal is to grow mold and bacteria. We are studying helpful and harmful microorganisms. In addition, we are working on informational writing skills.

Standard S5L4: Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about how microorganisms benefit or harm larger organisms.